Better Government

Better Government can only be attained with a true democracy as opposed to the tragic joke of a very corrupt democracy that has been sold to the general public as the best form of government.


Are we,"the people", stupid?
How is it possible that in the United States we have allowed our government to create a 75,000 page tax code that costs the USA economy around $1,200,000,000,000 per year ? Yes indeed, that was SEVENTYFIVE THOUSAND PAGES and a whopping $1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS of wasted human energy for compliance alone!!

To minimise corruption: The tax codes of the 30,000 taxing agencies in the United State are the biggest source of corruption in the USA. Eliminating the 30,000 taxing agences would immediately eliminate the biggest source of corruption in the USA. is a new system of taxation that eliminates all the 30,000 taxing agencies in the United States and replaces all of these Local, State and Federal sources with one single excise tax of around 5% that will collect more money than the current 30,000 taxing agencies do. This new AutomaticTax does not require any accounting from individuals and businesses and no tax filing needs to be done and nobody will be subject to any audit.  

We are not stupid!
We are led by the nose by a very corrupt Federal Reserve Cartel of bankers that fleeces "We the People" every year of $3.5 trillion in illbegotten income from interest on $17 trillion National Debt and local City, County and State debt of about $10 trillion or more and from fractional reserve banking with which banks "create" new money out of thin air. Some interesting links that sound like far-fetched conspiracies follow, but give them some respect:

is the solution to eliminate the vice grip that the international bankers have on America and Europe.

explains why elections lead to the poor quality elected officials and the corrupt governments that we are suffering.