Better Government

Better Government
starts with good ideas that result in incremental improvements of the way in which Government functions:


Are we,"the people", stupid?
How is it possible that in the United States we have allowed our government to create a 65,000 page tax code that costs the USA economy around $1,000,000,000,000 per year ? Yes indeed, that was SIXTYFIVE THOUSAND PAGES and a whopping ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of wasted money per year!!

We are not stupid!
We are led by the nose by a very corrupt Federal Reserve bankers consortium that fleeces "We the People" every year of $600 billion in illbegotten interest on $13 trillion National Debt and local City, County and State debt of about $7 trillion or more. Some interesting links that sound like far-fetched conspiracies follow, but give them some respect:

is the solution to eliminate the vice grip that the international bankers have on America and Europe.

explains why elections lead to the poor quality government that we are suffering.